Satellites Exhibitions

About fifteen satellite exhibitions will be organized in the 20e arrondissement of Paris with partner venues.

Galleries and cultural places that will host these exhibitions: The Belleville Villa, ICI Gallery, Last Days Gallery, AAB Gallery, Platform, Town Hall 20ème - Salon d'Honneur, Théâtre de Ménilmontant, Maëlle gallery, Galerie Ménil 8, Gallery 22,48m2 pop-up , Julio Art Space Gallery, Le Monte en L'Air Gallery-Bookstore, Galerie Casque d'Or, Paris and Co Digital Nursery.

The exhibited artists were selected by a jury of experts from the world of photography, contemporary art and the imagefollowing a call for projects.

The Jury has selected the 23 June 47 winners who participate in the Biennial.
The allocation of exhibition venues for each artist will be done in consultation with all stakeholders.

Selected artists for the 2018 edition

Beatriz Toledo / Hélène Marcoz / Clarisse Tranchard / Maxime Touratier / Elizaveta Konovalova / Jonathan Paquet / Veronique Bourgoin / Alban Gervais / Matthieu Boucherit / Nicolas Hosteing / Lisa Sartorio / Rafael Serrano / Janaina Wagner / Manuela Granziol / Edouard Taufenbach / Cyril Hatt / Florian Schmitt / Frédéric Messager / Justine Delobel / Michael Wittassek / Nicolas Baudouin / Anouck Durand-Gasselin / David Leleu / Laure Tiberghien / Sylvie Bonnot / Benjamin Ottoz / Ana Bloom / Anne-Camille Allueva / Julie Rochereau / Thierry Fournier / Edouard Burgeat / Brice Krummenacker / Mélody Seiwert / Claire Jolin / Daniele Gibrat / Fanny Gosse / Rebecca Topakian / Mehryl Levisse / Victoria Arhens / Swen Renault / Julien Lombardi / Matthieu Lor / Pascal Bauer / Thomas Cheneseau / Jonas Delhaye / Sophie Carles / Shinya Masuda.