Jury 2018

Composed of experts from the world of photography, contemporary art and the image, the jury of the Biennial has selected the winners among the 500 artists who answered the call for projects

On June 23, 2018 at EP7, the Jury selected 46 winners to participate in the 12 satellite exhibitions of the Biennale de l'Image Tangible. These exhibitions took place in the galleries and partner venues of the Biennale, in November and December 2018.

Galleries, journalists, critics, exhibition curators, teachers, artists, theoreticians or historians, the members of the Jury provided an informed and demanding look at the artistic projects in competition.

The galleries and partner venues of the Biennale were also invited to join the 2018 Edition Jury.

Pascal Beausse

Responsible for the photographic collection of the National Center of Plastic Arts (Paris), and curator.

Sophie Bernard

Art historian, curator, journalist for La Gazette de Drouot.

Valerie Cazin

Director of the Binôme Gallery, Paris.

Edouard Escougnou

Director of the Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery, Paris.

Olivia Goutal

Co-founder of Galerie Goutal, artist and curator, Aix en Provence.

Rosario Caltabiano

Founder and director of Galerie 22,48 m² in Paris, curator.

Bertrand Grimont

Director of the Bertrand Grimont Gallery, Paris.

Jean-Baptiste Guey

Director of the gallery Les Bains Révélateurs, Lille.

Sarah Ihler-Meyer

Art critic (AICA member) and independent curator

Eric Karsenty

Editor-in-chief of Fisheye magazine.

Fanny Lambert

Critic, journalist and independent curator, specializing in contemporary art and photography.

Olivia Maëlle Breleur

Director of Maëlle Galerie, curator.

Florent Maubert

Director of Galerie Maubert, art critic and curator.

Alexandre What

Art historian, lecturer at Aix-Marseille University and speaker at ENSP Arles, curator.

Catherine Rebois

Artist, theoretician, curator and doctor of Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts, specialty Plastic Arts and Photography.

Bernard Utudjian

Director of the Polaris Gallery, Paris.

Julien Verhaeghe

Art critic and independent curator, director of the magazine Possible.

Olivier Waltman

Director of the Olivier Waltman Gallery, Paris / Miami / London.