16 Nov - 03 Dec

Opening on November 16 from 18 p.m. to 22 p.m.

Hélène Bellenger / Clara Chichin & Sabatina Leccia /
Marie-Jeanne Hoffner / Michel Mazzoni

Helene bellenger
Born in 1989 in Mont Saint Aignan.
Lives and works in Marseille.

Initiated in the summer of 2021, the Bianco Ordinario project by Hélène Bellenger takes root in the marble quarries of Carrara, located in the Apuan Alps in Italy. Sculpted for centuries for the quality of their white marble, highly prized by artists and designers, these quarries are now overexploited for the use of marble powder, pure calcium carbonate. Used in particular in the composition of toothpaste, make-up, paper or cleaning products, marble powder is thus nestled in the history of bleaching and by extension the "whiteness" of our contemporary Western societies. Hélène Bellenger has initiated a collection of consumer products with marble powder (calcium carbonate) to print directly on the cardboard back. The luxurious and imperious imagination of statuary, associated with marble, is here reproduced in image on small packaging. At the same time fragile, precious, unique but also ephemeral, these small images, the shape of which varies according to the product, thus offer a typology of industrial forms, while presenting a selection of images of these landscapes disfigured by the intensive exploitation of Carrara marble. The serial and random nature of the creative process takes the image out of its traditionally square format, thus presenting truncated, altered images with manufactured framing, sometimes damaged shapes and whose colors are subject to the vagaries of cardboard and its texture. .

Clara Chichin & Sabatina Leccia
Clara Chichin. Born in 1985 in Paris.
Lives and works in Montreuil.
Sabatina Leccia. Born in 1984 in Paris.
Lives and works in Montreuil.

The rustling between the walls (project in progress, winner of the 2022 Transverse Grant) combines photography and contemporary drawing and explores the Murs à Pêches site (Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis), an island of nature in the middle of a dense urban fabric. Based on photographs by Clara Chichin and "augmented" by Sabatina Leccia, we will deliver a personal and sensory restitution of this garden.
Together, we explore “between the mediums”, a gap that echoes “between the peach walls”, a rustling zone that emerges from our encounter.
The garden seems to us to be the appropriate place to question the relationship of our society to the natural world. It is the memory of our first relationship in the world – before the Great Divide. It “would be an instrument designed to bring (physically and symbolically) the inhabitants closer to the materiality of the landscape (“nature”)”. (Bodénan Philippe, The garden: a key to reading plants in an urban environment, Landscape Project review, Scientific review on the design and development of space)
In a physical and sensory immersion of the gardens, over our peregrinations, the richness, the diversity of shapes, textures, opacities nourish our creation. We work from a photographic material constituted at the rhythm of the living (over the seasons over a year), with a particular interest in light, its variations, its effects (echoing photography as a writing of light.
The proliferation of composite elements will produce a garden of disturbing, moving, hybrid and polymorphic images. As part of your event, we are offering a selection of works from this ongoing project.

Marie-Jeanne Hoffner
Born in 1974 in Paris.
Lives and works in Paris, Bagnolet, Châteauroux.

“To enter Marie-Jeanne Hoffner's work is to enter the unexpected thickness of a real space, long defined in the West as empty and transparent. Marie-Jeanne Hoffner considers space neither as an abstract concept nor as a metaphysical given. On the contrary, she envisages it as a close environment, immaterial and sensitive, visual and mental but fundamentally stratified, and knowledge of which proceeds from the stripping of a succession of affects, representations and perceptions. Marie-Jeanne Hoffner develops an approach entirely oriented towards the experience offered to the visitor of crossing a space. In this way, she creates spaces that are both constructed and virtual, spaces that have just been sketched out but are already suggestive, which we are invited to decipher, to explore and even to
Marie-Jeanne Hoffner's drawings, videos and installations share the language of architecture. Plan, axonometry, perspective and section are his current vocabulary. However, his work is not a project, it does not aim for anything functional. It is interested in the way in which the being occupies space, it is interested in “inhabiting it” and not in “the habitat”. Architecture has been associated with the
memory and language, where she was a mental model for the art of rhetoric. It is here the threshold of a work which, between archeology and prospective, gives access to a territory of interiority. »
Oliver Grasser.

Michael Mazzoni
Born in 1966 in Villerupt.
Lives and works in Brussels.

Little Things
Basically, the images printed on baryta paper in small format, come from my series Nothing, almost (artist's book edition end of 2022), showing insignificant, precarious or neglected elements in order to make visible the many interstices that mark the course of existence. I then, through a game of editing and superposition, associated recycled elements (color gelatins, cinefoil paper, used film, notebook pages, etc.), in order to give birth to deliberately enigmatic composite images. This principle allows me to create hybrid forms and to avoid the idea of ​​photography as a single event but, on the contrary, to treat it as a "structure", capable of generating a multitude of echoes and variations.

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