Menil'8 Gallery

16 nov - 29 nov

Opening on November 16 from 18 p.m. to 22 p.m.

Damien Caccia / Farah Khelil /
Lucas Leffler / Timothée Schelstraete

Damien caccia
Born in 1989 in Les Lilas. Lives and works in Les Lilas.
Nantes Fine Arts graduate.

“Tears” is a series of miniature images taken with a cell phone between 2015 and 2019, transferred from photographic paper onto drops of dried glue. This thin film of glue thus resembles cameos, and acts as a lens, from an inverted perspective. The viewer comes as close as possible to the image in order to distinguish its content, and compensates for its weak definition by a greater concentration of the gaze. This commitment then transforms our perception which tears away from the continuous flow of images flooding our daily lives. Put in motion the contemporary gaze "dumbfounded", such is the meaning of this project whose title refers as much to the support (the drops of glue) as to the physiology of the eye which can both see and be moved. .

Born in 1980 in Carthage (Tunisia). Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from Fine Arts in Tunis and a doctorate from the Sorbonne School of Arts.
Represented by the Selma Feriani Gallery (Tunis).

“Surface Effect” is a series of slides, formerly used as materials for art history lessons, laser drilled according to patterns taken from an old dictionary. In this context, the viewer perceives the works through a burnt surface effect, drawing shapes and signs. These works, which I have never seen in real life, were directly photographed in catalogs reasoned, then developed on slides. Their projection is integrated into an installation arranging documents, postcards, books and objects that we find in museum bookstores.
Student at the Fine Arts of Tunis, I did not have access to original works in institutions or galleries. It was only through history books, the media or the Internet that I accessed the meaning of the work. I thus proceed to an ontological reappraisal of conventional definitions of the work of art, of its exhibition, of its apprehension and of its semantic understanding.

Born in 1993 in Virton. Lives and works in Brussels.

Graduated from an artistic master's degree at KASK in Ghent.
Represented by the Pinguin Space gallery (Brussels) and Intervalle (Paris).

“Zilverbeek” is a long-term project started in 2017. It documents and interprets the story of a stream located in Antwerp, in which silver metal could be recovered from its sludge. Indeed, since the 1920s, the Belgian factory Gevaert has run tons of silver in this stream, its sludge then colored black due to the presence of silver, which earned it the name of Zwarte. gracht (the black channel) or Zilverbeek (the silver stream). In 1927, a supplier to Gevaert invented a system to collect money for his own account.
Fascinated by this story, I gathered historical documents and photographed the factory as well as the stream in present times. In my turn, by using the silver found in this sludge, I developed a technique of silver photo printing. This project mixes documentary investigation and poetic reinterpretation through an experimental photographic practice.

Born in 1985 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from the Regional School of Fine Arts in Rouen.
Represented by the Valérie Delaunay gallery (Paris).

This project tends towards the same obsession: the grid as a motif inherent in the printing process, and as an uneven surface covered with paint and crossed out, like a frame. My latest works seek to incorporate the photographic material into the painting, through the A4 laser print transfer onto the canvas, using clear acrylic binder. Thus only the ink (toner) remains on the surface of the painting in an accumulation of layers, mixing photographic transfer and painted image, following a game of incessant back and forth. It is about considering the painting as a sensitive surface, and receptacle of gestures and fragmented images. But also to study the tenuous links between painting and photography, figuration and abstraction, mechanical and manual reproduction.


Opening hours
From Wednesday to Sunday
from 14AM to 00PM

8 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris, France

Metro: Gambetta