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06 nov - 13 nov

Opening on November 06 from 18 p.m. to 22 p.m.

Guillaume Amat / Gaëlle Foray / Ivan Murit

Guillaume AMAT
Born in 1980 in Angers.
Lives and works in Paris.

“The in situ installations of“ The Depth of Rocks ”relate to performance, staging and sculpture. Because if the result is eminently photographic, even pictorial, these visual creations are rooted in Land Art. Indeed, Guillaume Amat rejects any digital post-production to favor engagement in the field: mirrors, ropes, papers, hooks, easels or frames are placed on the sites of his travels for each shot.
In the Bardenas Reales Natural Park (Spain), he sets up a theater of illusions through poetic compositions with romantic, dramatic… or sometimes burlesque accents. He plays on our fascination with this desert territory that he sublimates, the better to trap us in the traps of the Albertian perspective and the illusion of photographic transparency. Raphaële Bertho.

Gaelle FORAY
Born in 1978 in Mâcon. Lives and works in Plateau d'Hauteville.
Graduated from the Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.

This set of collages and assemblies is made up of recovered photographs and objects (souvenirs brought back from holidays, decorative objects, figurines, etc.). My work is akin to a form of anthropology or archeology, whose collection of artefacts serves as a starting point to observe our cultures and their patterns: family meals, ceremonies, holidays, Sunday outings, dreams stereotypical… More broadly, I comment on the way in which territorial, agricultural or tourist policies configure us. I thus reconstruct miniature worlds to transcend the weight and the shackles of our cultural habits.

Born in 1990 in Strasbourg.
Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated with a Master from the School of Fine Arts in Valence.

Ivan Murit questions the mode of automatic production of images, in works taking the form of tools manipulated by computer programs or algorithms. Carried by the mechanical rhythm of a cutting plotter, the pointed seed of the felt penetrates the fibers of the paper. The broadcast begins. Motionless for a few moments, this ink-soaked tip extends its roots. The duration of contact with the sheet varies the size of the point that appears. When the count is complete, the graphics tool rises again and moves to the next location. Point by point, the image is revealed. Seeds, nuts or pods, the fruits of this printing process offer another look at the possible symbiosis between digital image and the plant world.

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