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Sophie Carles / Frédéric Messager / Jonathan Paquet

Sophie CARLES Born in 1972. Lives and works in Orleans and Paris.
Graduated from the Gobelins school in photographic shooting and from the Master of Photography from the University of Paris 8.
Third Landscape, pigment prints on Canson Arches Museum paper, laminated and aluminum frame; old postcards 10 X 15 cm, vegetable foam.

An old industrial foundry abandoned as a ruin of post-modernism. The plant, in a time interval, becomes fertile ground, conducive to the birth of a new plant cycle. It is this tension, between the vegetation and the building, which is revealed in this work. While ruin makes palpable the impotence of human things to resist the duration, the vegetal, cyclic, crosses the times. The Third Landscape, landscape free of any human will, defined by Gilles Clement, seized these places, the neglected.
Plastic and contemplative look at first, this observation follows the removal of objects and intervention, in an attempt to create the edge of photography: the culture of foam on old postcards of industrial sites.

Frédéric MESSAGER Born in 1970 in Cambrai. Lives and works in Valenciennes.
Represented by 604 Gallery, Busan, South Korea.
New Views, wooden cases on trestles 100 x 84,5 x 7 cm (closed case), 161,5 x 84,5 X 7 cm (case open).

New Views could have belonged to a fantasy universe, oscillating between reality and fiction. I photograph places that are for me boundaries, edges, borders and I partially erase this image using a drawing executed on the digital tablet and thus gives way to a cosmos drawn with plant forms where coexist explosions , scree, cross fields, erasures, and cartographic motifs. The gaze wanders on the surface of the paper, and sometimes plunges into the microcosm of digital features to emerge a little further, a little more dazed: the viewer takes a step back and the infinitely small is revealed in the infinitely great. The vertigo of the world appears. Placed on two trestles, the case contains this cosmogony: the spectator manipulates the drawer to discover the drawing, opens the window, the door, itself. This presentation finds a triple anchor: the world as a project (it is around the table that we make decisions, we develop plans), the world archived, quantified, classified (this is the function of the drawer) , the recreated world (this is the workbench, a metaphor for the artist's studio, a place of duality between "being" and representation).

Jonathan PAQUET Born in Poitiers in 1986. Lives and works in Tourcoing at Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Arts).
Vinétarium, photographs on canvas, 240 x 40 cm.

Vinétarium has emerged from the interest for a liquid subject to the development of a microbial flora: wine. The idea was to make a sampling of different wines and to transcribe them in light. I exposed photographic film, abundantly in the light. Then, I realized a process of development of the film by the wine. By following the protocol described in a specialized photography magazine, I used wine as a developer. This process captures the deposits, tannin, wines on the film. Subsequently, I scanned the photographic negatives. The wine appears in the form of pictorial landscapes. In order to bring out the wine as light, I printed the photographs on a stretched canvas, square format, lit at the back by a LED light.


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