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Reflections on the "tangible"

The term "tangible" allows us to reconnect with une fundamental question of the history of photography : what link does the photographic image (still) maintain with reality? The challenge is to see how this issue arises today in the field of art, in particular with the advent of digital tools and practices. Thus, can we always speak of a photograph understood as a faithful reproduction of reality, which would restore its very essence or truth, and which would appear as a "tangible" trace or unmistakable proof of what has been captured? by the device?

Or does photography weave more complex relationships with the world, in its way of restoring it, modifying it and transforming it, as soon as it takes hold of it? The choice of artists and works presented during the Tangible Image Biennale attempts to shed various light on these hot topical questions, in the digital age, of visual flows from Google Image and social networks. , fake news and Google Earth views… While anchoring itself in the history of the medium, and more particularly in the wake of experimental analogical processes that enrich photography with an expressive vocation, and a myriad of artistic gestures , retouching and artifice, going well beyond the simple document value to which it is commonly reduced.

The Tangible Image Biennale thus shows that photography includes a multitude of practices and functions. For example: capturing reality without a device; appropriate archives or images from the Internet; reshape history, our memory, and our perception of the world from these data; reactivate old chemical and silver know-how; work the image or its physical medium manually; volume up the image, project it, deliver it from its flatness and instantaneity; use algorithms or artificial intelligence to reconstruct reality from views recorded by the device; probe the data conveyed by the images circulating on the web, stored in our smartphones and captured by surveillance cameras; question the processes of appearance, disappearance, diffusion and reception of images, etc.

Thus, the Tangible Image Biennial opens up to numerous artistic experiments and is located at the intersection of different disciplines (photography, contemporary art, printing techniques, digital tools, video sequences, in situ work, etc.) discuss the status that can be attributed to photography in each proposal. In short, it is a question of highlighting the creative capacities of the photo, and of seeing in what it transforms, models or reveals the real - rather than confining it to a layer, to an objective imprint of things, that is to say to a simple process of mechanical reproduction.

The projects exhibited in the Tangible Image Biennial therefore take photography as the very object of their approach. And are anchored in "the spirit of the times" to reflect on the modes of production by which the photo and new technologies are part of our lives. So, how do these tools end up shaping our looks and impacting our behavior in a "tangible" way?, in an urbanized consumerist society, surrounded by cameras and saturated with personal data?


François Salmeron



François Ronsiaux

Founder, Associate Director General

Artist, curator and manager of the Plateforme venue, initiator of the BIT20 project, curator and organizer of the SPACE ODDITY Exhibition (Grand Paris Photography Month 2017) and many other projects related to contemporary art and new forms of creation . Graduated from Multimedia School in Paris.

Dominique Clerc

Associate Director General

Photographer, curator and active member of the Place Plateforme, winner of the photoLens'Art Photographic 2017 prize and teacher in photography.

Portrait of Patrick Rimond

Patrick Rimond

Associate Director General

Photographer, co-founder of Plateforme and the association L'entreprise, co-founder of Générale en Manufacture, curator of the Flander Center gallery in Osaka (2004-2005).

Portrait of François Salmeron

François Salmeron

Associate Director General

Art critic, member of the AICA and deputy treasurer of the AICA France office, journalist, philosopher, teacher in the photography department of the University of Paris 8. Contributes since 2012 to French and international publications (including Le Quotidien de l'Art currently), and works as an artistic advisor for the Artstorming agency.

Gabrielle Petiau

Associate General Manager

Graduated from Fine Arts in Nantes, History of Art and Cultural Management, specialist in contemporary Chinese art. After two years of experience at the Paris-Beijing Gallery, joined the Doors 门 艺 team, an agency for the production and promotion of cultural projects based in Beijing and Paris.

Philippe Calandre

Artistic advisor

Photographer artist, active member of the Platform place. Philippe Calandre initially chose the photographic medium for its expressive immediacy, its ease of use, when there was no other particular attraction between them. Using the camera as a reproductive tool that he has not stopped taking on the wrong foot, he mischievously replaces an anti thesis, pushing the experience of its use to the limits of definition. This will lead to the very erasure of the subject as a photogenic element.

Gabrielle Debeuret

Social Networks

Founder of the DATA GALLERY, located in République and specialized in generative art.
She presents a creation linked to technologies and their robotic applications, in a search for tangible forms.
Artistic director by profession, she holds a professional Master's degree in the art market from the IESA.

Adele Berlemont

Mediation - partnerships

Adèle Berlemont is a graduate of the Master's degree in Practice, Theories, History of Photography from the University of Paris 8, Saint Denis. 
She has since developed her personal artistic practice and participates in collective exhibitions. An active member of Diaph 8, she coordinates exhibition projects there.

2018 mediators

Volunteers Logistics Mediation

Ilonka Reinoso,
Martine Poulain,
Maria Junca,
Michel Milatos,
Guillaume Lamour,
Yuhua Lai,
Kerya In,
Elisa Lombard,
Gabriel Varlet,
Valentine of Gobbi

2021 mediators

Volunteers Logistics Mediation

Kyoung-Ju LEE
Ying Wang
Xiyao SUN
Rossella CILLANI
Flavien DURAND
Hyunji Kim
Meng Jia


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