Who are we ?


François Ronsiaux

Founder, Associate Director General

Artist, curator and manager of the platform venue, initiator of the BIT20 project, curator and organizer of the SPACE ODDITY Exhibition (Month of Photography of Greater Paris 2017) and many other projects related to contemporary art and new forms of creation . Graduated from the Multimedia School of Paris.

Dominique Clerc

Associate Director General

Photographer, commissioner and active member of Platform, photoLens'Art Photographic 2017 and teacher of photography.

Portrait of Patrick Rimond

Patrick Rimond

Associate Director General

Photographer, co-founder of Plateforme and the association L'entreprise, co-founder of Générale en Manufacture, curator of the Flander Center gallery in Osaka (2004-2005).

Portrait of François Salmeron

François Salmeron

Associate Director General

Art critic AICA member and assistant treasurer of the AICA France office, journalist, philosopher, teacher in the photography department of Paris 8 University. Contributed since 2012 to French and international publications (including Le Quotidien of Art currently), and works as an artistic advisor for the agency Artstorming.

Gabrielle Petiau

Associate General Manager

Graduated in Fine Arts from Nantes, History of art and Management of culture, specialist in contemporary Chinese art. After two years of experience at the Galerie Paris-Beijing, joined the team of Doors 门 艺, an agency for the production and promotion of cultural projects based in Beijing and Paris.

Philippe Calandre

Logistics assistance - artistic advisor

Photographer artist, active member of the Platform place. Philippe Calandre initially chose the photographic medium for its expressive immediacy, its ease of use, when there was no other particular attraction between them. Using the camera as a reproductive tool that he has not stopped taking on the wrong foot, he mischievously replaces an anti thesis, pushing the experience of its use to the limits of definition. This will lead to the very erasure of the subject as a photogenic element.

Mina Marie Barday

Social Networks - Partnerships

Graduated from European Affairs Master's Degree from Sciences Po (2018). Specialized in cultural project management, and digital communication; is mainly involved with small structures dedicated to culture in all its diversity.

Photo © Charlotte Mano

2018 mediators

Volunteers Logistics Mediation

Ilonka Reinoso,
Martine Poulain,
Maria Junca,
Michel Milatos,
Guillaume Lamour,
Yuhua Lai,
Kerya In,
Elisa Lombard,
Gabriel Varlet,
Valentine of Gobbi


Platform is an independent structure. A space for dissemination, creation and resource for contemporary art, it functions as a shared and unifying space in which artists come together in the will of a synergy of imaginative potentials.
Each month, Platform presents an exhibition of about three weeks followed by a more eventful programming (performances, screenings, etc.) focused mainly on experimentation and research. The selection is oriented towards demanding artistic practices. It proposes projects of confirmed national and international artists and also has the mission to actively show the young creation.

Platform is part of the city as a bridge that can bring together disciplines and forms to build, through encounters and discoveries, exchanges essential to an artistic and social experience intellectually and humanly stimulating.

This project of exchange place between artists, curators and public is carried by the company, Parisian structure which gathers about fifty international artists.



Would you like to join forces with the support of the new talents of photography and the international image led by the Tangible Image Biennial?
Become a sponsor of the event and benefit from tax exemption measures provided by law.


We are looking for people to participate in the reception of the artists, the assembly of the exhibitions of the Biennale, the reception of the public on the site of the exhibitions, to watch over the exhibited works and to answer the questions concerning the contents of the exhibitions.