Zoe Aubry

Born in 1993, lives and works in Geneva
A graduate of ECAL in Lausanne, she is currently preparing a master's degree in contemporary artistic practices at Head (Geneva). Won the Swiss Design Award, the MBAL Relève Award and the Voies Off 2019 award.

Positioning itself between a societal and media criticism, Zoé Aubry's work questions the difficulty of making murdered unknowns exist in our mode of visualization and perception. His Nom Inconnus project (2018-ongoing) thus deals with feminicides, as an extreme point of social and macho oppression.
Suffering from atrocities similar to those inflicted on these women, these photographs are the result of a deteriorating process of extreme violence. Remodeled in three dimensions, the representation of space is reinvented. Through their movements, the pieces address our situation as spectator-spectator, implying a responsibility on our part.