Xavier bauer

Born in 1985 in Frankfurt. Lives and works in Frankfurt and Brussels.
Graduated from the University of Art and Design in Offenbach.
Represented by the Kuckei + Kuckei gallery (Berlin).


This gray ash cube is the result of a patient work during which the artist sieves and compresses residues of burnt photographs. The sculpture, seemingly massive and solid, is in fact extremely fragile and volatile - and therefore assumes an oxymoron. It disintegrates according to the air currents and the movements of the spectators around it. The gray monochrome is also presented as a stele synthesizing the motley flow of images which vainly assail our daily glances, as if too many images ended up killing the image. And reminds us, like a memento mori, that everything turns to dust ...


Thermochrome paint is a paint that reacts to heat: it is black when it is at room temperature and becomes transparent when heated. By placing different materials between a heat source and the heat-sensitive surface, cloudy evanescences are formed depending on the isolated parts which remain black while the others reveal the whiteness of the support. The effect being reversible, the surface gradually becomes completely black again when the heat source is extinguished. Influxes of heat are programmed at regular intervals creating an image in perpetual transformation, suspended between its appearance and its disappearance. The specific rendering of the medium offers a new image quality.

The piece has a hanging and floating side. The clouds form an immaterial image or at least not fixed on the support on which they appear to us. It is an ephemeral thermal imprint on a heat-sensitive surface.