Véronique Bourgoin

Born in Marseille. Lives and works in Montreuil.
Graduate of Fine Arts in Paris.

"I put the" salon "as a metaphor for a place of communication and exchange. I made my "living room" transportable and metamorphosable through an installation that, like the setting of a film, juxtaposes universes and mixes works, drawings, objects, photographs, documents. Recreating a trompe l'oeil space, the walls are covered with black and white wallpapers that reproduce 1 / 1 scale 'salons', which I choose during my travels. Some works are erased by black monochrome painted on the support during performances. I collect exhibitions since 2010 to show their original character and representative of an era, a way of life, in opposition to the generalization of new spaces of virtual communication. »VB