Thomas Devaux

Born in 1980. Lives and works in Paris France.
Represented by the Bertrand Grimont Gallery, Paris and the Bacqueville Gallery, Lille.

" With the DistrictsThomas Devaux completes his critical vision of the consumer universe by reclaiming the codes of abstract painting, having long revisited those of the classical portrait. The series brings together photographs of supermarket stalls, blurred until broad areas of color with undecided contours, articulated between them in a gradient of light. (...) As minimal as the treatment that is applied to the images, its title thus returns together with its original subject (the supermarket rays) as with the optical effect produced by the process of abstraction (the chromatic beams). 

Presented next to the series The Shoppers - supermarket customers seized at the time of checkout - the series adopts the color codes of large retailers (blue, purple, pink, red, orange) to better criticize the underlying marketing strategies. (...) The disaffection of consumers here takes on a more directly critical meaning. It reflects the psychological and libidinal exhaustion of individuals engaged in a mechanism of consumption. "Text of Florian Gaité.