Swen Renault

Born in 1990 in Paris. Vit t works in Paris.
Graduate at the School of Graphic Arts of the City Hall of Paris and the National School of Photography in Arles. 

In the age of the Internet, we share images like never before. The photographs and portraits of vernacular families are massively shared. These images come from fifty photographs of amateurs found online. Each image is superimposed on 2% opacity to create a single photo. The images are found via a keyword search, bringing together a multitude of visuals based on the same pattern resulting in a montage acting as a collective consciousness. This project shows that, despite a different aesthetic, the "family" photos share a certain uniformity. The theme, the framing, the composition of the image are systematically the same, acting as a subconscious photograph. The image obtained from these photographs is abstract, a feeling of unity is still very present.