Sophie Carles

Born in 1972. Lives and works in Orleans and Paris.
Graduate of the Gobelins School in photographic shooting and the Master of Photography from Paris 8 University.

An old industrial foundry abandoned as a ruin of post-modernism. The plant, in a time interval, becomes fertile ground, conducive to the birth of a new plant cycle. It is this tension, between the vegetation and the building, which is revealed in this work. While ruin makes palpable the impotence of human things to resist the duration, the vegetal, cyclic, crosses the times. The Third Landscape, landscape free of any human will, defined by Gilles Clement, seized these places, the neglected.
Plastic and contemplative look at first, this observation follows the removal of objects and intervention, in an attempt to create the edge of photography: the culture of foam on old postcards of industrial sites.