Sissi Farassat

Born in Tehran in 1969.
Represented by the Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York.

Unlike other types of retouched photographs (such as collage and color or hand-painted photos), sewing and embroidery are techniques where the surface of the image is perforated. These handmade gestures are a voodoo practice, soft and contemplative, which transforms the surface of the image, splitting it into many small particles, and also penetrating the back of the photo. Sissi Farassat thus applies highlights to her photographs with intertwined threads or glitter rugs, which bring physical and textural qualities to the image. Photographs protected by glass are often subject to light refraction effects. But the glass also "seals" the photographic surface and prevents any direct contact with our eyes.

In intimate rooms or "banal" interiors, Sissi Farassat produces self-portraits, and portraits of friends or members of her family. Embroidering a photo can take days, even weeks, and brings the artist to personally confront his photographed subjects, in this slow and patient manual work.