Richard mosse

Born in 1980 in Kilkenny (Ireland). Lives and works in New York.
Represented by the Carlier Gebauer gallery (Berlin, Madrid).


The series Infra is marked by Mosse's use of Kodak Aerochrome, a discontinued infrared reconnaissance film. The film records chlorophyll in living vegetation. The result is the lush Congolese rainforest rendered in a beautifully surreal landscape of pinks and reds. Mosse said in an interview with British Journal of Photography : “I wanted to export this technology to a more difficult situation, to end the generic conventions of calcified mass media narratives, and to question how we are allowed to represent this forgotten conflict. I wanted to confront this military reconnaissance technology, to use it reflexively to question the modes of construction of war photography. "

Heat Maps, 2017.
Thermal camera in refugee camps (Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Germany)

This series of photos traces the lives of migrants in different camps around the world. To report on their living conditions, the photographer armed himself with a military weapon, a thermal camera capable of filming several kilometers away.

“This very powerful and in my opinion very disturbing camera technology, I see it as an allegory of the military-humanitarian complex which characterizes the only response of the European Union to the influx of migrants, the 'refugee crisis' as one called her. This is the only solution we have apparently found to welcome asylum seekers, refugees who land on our shores. "(Richard Mosse, interview in France Culture).