Paul Creange

Born in 1987 in Troyes.
Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2015.

Paul Créange set out to “twist” the photographic image in multiple directions and to dissect it. Until the point where it appeared to him that the images produced no longer had any reason to remain frozen in the flatness of the photographic device. This evolution has resulted in a hybridization between photo, sculpture and light installation. It was by working on advertising sets that he was able to realize the amount of waste generated by such “all-disposable” manufacturing processes, and began to collect them, transform them and reuse them in his creations. plastics.
Photography brings an aura to sculpture, and gives it its color, depth and content, in the form of shards of fragmented nature. The sculpture tries to bring these fragments together and reintegrate them into an organic formal unity - while exposing the artificial character of this precarious pseudo-organism, whose entrails and structure are visible -, and to weave a dialectic between naturalness and artificiality. .