Pascal Bauer

Born in 1959 in Madagascar. Lives and works in Paris and Niort.
Graduate of Ensad Paris.
Is represented by the School Gallery, Paris.

Flexible PVC is used to make toys or inflatable commercials whose coarse manufacture amplifies candor. By antagonism, I wish to make scenes of latent violence, imprinted with photographic realism. Characters less than one meter tall have their faces deformed by a scream. They come forward, vindictive, showing an unresolved tension, ready to explode. They are inflated to the block. Their sutures make them descendants of Frankenstein's creature. For photographic prints to render the volume of bodies, it was necessary to fragment the image into a complex pattern, recomposed by welding. The technique, non-existent outside the industrial process, had to be invented. This technical precision contributes to the sense of the piece. These small clones are violently reconstructed bodies, the sutures of which reinforce the crude character, the non-smooth, the unrefined.