Nicolas Hosteing

Born in 1985 in St Michel. Lives and works in Pantin
A studied history, art history and photography at Bordeaux III and Paris 8. 

This piece is extracted from the installation Twelfth Night : The night of the kings is a double reference; to a Shakespeare play and to a Charentais nightclub that burned down in the late 80s. 
The installation borrows from two references, from the theater it takes the curtains, the notion of decor and light, at the party it borrows the freedom left to each person to embody, or not, a character and the fragmented, uncertain and moving memories she leaves. The images make the link between the two moments, to those who will come to see them during the day they will appear with the coldness of the private decoration of its actors, the night visitors will be able to mingle with them, to merge with them or to detach themselves from them.