Mélody Seiwert

Born in 1960.
Lives and works in Strasbourg.

In the coherence of my research trajectory, scrutinizing the visible, I now explore the micro vegetal world and its infinite phenomena of putrescence. I create "vegetal negatives" from material of floral origin placed between two glass plates. Over time, new life emerges and these microorganisms thus become the main actors of an organic image in the making. In a process of perpetual mutation, they break down shapes and suggest colors that mingle with the secret of a dance. Vibrating energy constantly expanding just like the universe, it reminds us of the fabulous organization of matter from the galaxy to the living cell. I glimpse in my garden, the secret of the living ... "macrocosmic" images of everything that responds in the universe, mirrored in the infinitely small. I discover a cosmic order, a trajectory of particles which seems to join that of galaxies, as if the flower contained the whole cosmos.