Matthieu Lor

Born in Paris in 1990, lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Nantes with a DNSEP.

On Earth, resources are becoming scarce. Some people then think about the exploitation of what they consider the eighth continent: the Moon. 
On this satellite without atmosphere, where each action has an irreversible impact, what will become of these lunar landscapes? These images printed with a scratch ink, place the viewer in front of a dilemma: should we scratch this surface, this landscape selene, or should we leave it intact to preserve the work? 
This process that refers to the game of money, allows us to draw a parallel with our reality. Only here, we scratch the landscape, and under the ink, there is nothing to gain.  This project induces a reflection on our landscapes and their fragilities, invoking a more distant subject, that of the Moon, a place fantasy and still untouchable.