Mary Lelouche

Born in 1984 in Saint-Junien. Lives and works in Lille.
A graduate of ENSBA in Paris, she is pursuing a doctorate in research-creation between Montreal and Le Fresnoy on post-digital sculpture.
Represented by the Alberta Pane gallery (Paris-Venice).

The title of this series is borrowed from the slogan of a famous phone brand: "You have a new memory", a message that appears with an image stored in our device. But then, what are these new external memories, and these new forces of memory? Marie Lelouche offers sculptures that are both fragmented reconstructions of borrowed forms, places of memory, or the protagonists of the exhibition. They each have a first name and speak through an open chat application whose vibrations, with each message, catch our attention.

The artist relied on a collection of 3D recordings that she has been collecting for several years. Three-dimensional scanners are optical tools that are reminiscent of cameras in many ways. It is through the flatness of our screens that we access these volumes and these spaces preserved in the form of data, with the frustration of not being able to relive them fully.