Lisa Sartorio

Born in Tunisia in 1970. Lives and works in Paris.
Trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Fine Arts.
Represented by the Binome Gallery, Paris.

Starting from the critical observation of images disembodied and smoothed by the media, Lisa Sartorio captures photographs of cities ravaged by bombing, which she prints on paper Awagami kozo. She then comes to manually work the surface by exfoliation, wrinkling or crumbling. By altering these photographs of places, of which she keeps only the name of the conflict in subtitle, she brings the viewer to the epidermis of the image. By modeling her fingers, she calls forth new signs. She lays the paperwork of an experiment, when in her flatness, photography was no longer enough to evoke the story of a tragic moment. From these fleeting stories, whose traces fade from our memories Lisa Sartorio proposes to restore a materially sensitive and impacted form. The Ici ou ailleurs series therefore redoubles the collapse of the representation of contemporary conflicts by media photography. It restores our consideration of the other and the living, by interrogating by the sense of touch, the distance taken with these images.