Laure Tiberghien

Born in 1992.Vit in Paris and works on Ile Saint Denis.
Graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris. 

“After I became interested in photography in a fairly classic way, I was more and more intrigued by what it had that was specifically radical in my eyes, namely by what makes it very literally a writing of light. . This reflection was accompanied by work on what is meant by “abstraction” and by “subject” in photography.
We can conceive of abstraction as the correlate of pure light, pre-existing to any representation, to any sign and to any figure. Hence, in my opinion, the importance of distinguishing the image from the subject. The evocation of a subject, familiar in photography in general which may have corresponded to some of my early works, has now given way to the recording of light itself, and it is in this sense that I now produce images without subjects. »Laure Tiberghien.