Julie navarro

Born in 1972 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.

Images from my bucolic and contemplative collection seem pierced with 17 holes, according to the motif of the hygiaphones * which amplify the word, and cross its support. They are printed on office screens **. The series gives meaning and sound to the form to allow sound to pass through while filtering and amplifying the vibrations which reverberate, on the other side, rise up in space. Words through bridges, woods, mountains, to beckon the landscape and expand its filtered word. Give phonic to the vision. Are you talking to me behind the screen? Does art speak to you? What do you hear ? the stream, the pines, the sea? inaccessible summits. Imagine what is happening behind the screen, behind the image. Listening to confidences. The waves vibrate with potentialities. Each screen generates an I that opens up to the other, between sources of emissions and sources of perceptions.

* The Hygiaphone, a protective device with a vibrating membrane amplifying the sound in public counters - name taken from Hygieia, goddess of health, cleanliness and hygiene - was designed following the epidemic of flu of 1945 in France. It caused many victims among the population and infected a large part of the SNCF sales agents, which asked its engineers to invent a system allowing them to see, hear and protect their staff.
** partition support offered thanks to the patronage of Kinnarps France