Jonathan Monaghan

Born in 1986 in New York. Lives and works in Washington DC
Graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and Fine Arts from the University of Maryland.
Represented by the 22,48m2 gallery (Paris).

Presented in the form of large wall decals, the “Sentries” series sits between photography and sculpture. Using a wide range of photographic materials and textures, the shapes that make up these large installations are created using 3D CGI software. The resulting images are crisp and detailed, as are the visual aesthetics of the ads. Pink or candy-green in color, these baroque pieces thus use familiar consumerist visual codes, or appear as extraterrestrial artefacts of strange dimensions. Navigating from a soft and satiny aesthetic, which may however put us off, to a futuristic universe, these works take up the iconography of electronic devices and surveillance cameras. They reveal the obsessions, anxieties and exhibitionism of our society in the digital age.