Jonas Delhaye

Born in 1988 in Vannes. Live while roaming. 
Studied at the European Superior School of Art in Brittany.
Represented by Galerie Florent Maubert, Paris.

The photographic shelter (nomadic and modular pinhole) captures from below the foliage of the trees. The canvas is designed as a dark room bellows, in starched folds, ensuring the modularity of the device according to the size of the selected trees. 
For several hours (5h for QuercusIn complete darkness, sheets of photosensitive paper are blindly placed on the ground in concentric circles around the trunk, finally recalling the growth circles of a cut tree. The light projections hybridise and insolate directly the silver color paper printing the image in negative on the whole of the surface. The central void in the image is the reserve left by the original trunk.
Inside, the experience of complete darkness, of the unknown, of time, of projection on paper and on the body become screen, are intrinsically part of the resulting image in its relation to the landscape.