Jean-Baptiste Perrot

Born in 1972 in Le Havre Lives and works in Paris.
Represented by the Anouk Le Bourdiec Gallery, Paris.

Jean-Baptiste Perrot physically converts digital imagery into material (ink, pencil, paint). More precisely, the dysfunctions of new technologies are the basis of his work, leading him to integrate computer errors, bugs and other “glitches” into his creations that disrupt digital iconography. He appropriates them as revealing spaces of unexpected freedom in a digital world where everything is coded, standardized, designed for a predefined objective, where “zero defects” are supposed to be the order of the day.
Reinterpreted in the material, a certain form of reality takes back its rights in this virtual world. It is in this breach that his questions about free will take shape. Are we free? Conversely, are we the subjects of an overdetermination with inalienable constraints?