Ikuhisa Sawada

Born in 1970 in Tokyo.
Lives and works in Tokyo.
Represented by the traveling gallery Meeting Art Point.

In the “Closed circuit” series, initiated in 2012 and still in progress, Ikuhisa Sawada explores the anonymous circulation spaces of the city of Tokyo's train and metro network. These places of transit, usually considered to be of no interest, became his photographic subject at the end of a shooting protocol established as follows:
“I gave myself two conditions for this job. First, find a subject that I can photograph every day, at any time. Second, let this place be an ordinary public space. It was important for me to establish a repetitive practice and that the place be free of all affect; this is what led me to photograph train stations and metro stations in Tokyo. When I exhibit, I superimpose layers of photographs in the space so that the point of view changes as the viewer moves through the gallery. "
The immersive devices that Ikuhisa Sawada creates following this process of fragmentation of reality bring photography into the register of a physical experience, where images dialogue with the place and construct new perceptions of space.