Guillaume Amat

Born in 1980 in Angers.
Lives and works in Paris.

“The in situ installations of“ The Depth of Rocks ”relate to performance, staging and sculpture. Because if the result is eminently photographic, even pictorial, these visual creations are rooted in Land Art. Indeed, Guillaume Amat rejects any digital post-production to favor engagement in the field: mirrors, ropes, papers, hooks, easels or frames are placed on the sites of his travels for each shot.
In the Bardenas Reales Natural Park (Spain), he sets up a theater of illusions through poetic compositions with romantic, dramatic… or sometimes burlesque accents. He plays on our fascination with this desert territory that he sublimates, the better to trap us in the traps of the Albertian perspective and the illusion of photographic transparency. Raphaële Bertho.