Frederic Messager

 Born in 1970 in Cambrai. Lives and works in Valenciennes.
Represented by 604 Gallery, Busan, South Korea.

New Views could have belonged to a fantasy universe, oscillating between reality and fiction. I photograph places that are for me boundaries, edges, borders and I partially erase this image using a drawing executed on the digital tablet and thus gives way to a cosmos drawn with plant forms where coexist explosions , scree, cross fields, erasures, and cartographic motifs. The gaze wanders on the surface of the paper, and sometimes plunges into the microcosm of digital features to emerge a little further, a little more dazed: the viewer takes a step back and the infinitely small is revealed in the infinitely great. The vertigo of the world appears. Placed on two trestles, the case contains this cosmogony: the spectator manipulates the drawer to discover the drawing, opens the window, the door, itself. This presentation finds a triple anchor: the world as a project (it is around the table that we make decisions, we develop plans), the world archived, quantified, classified (this is the function of the drawer) , the recreated world (this is the workbench, a metaphor for the artist's studio, a place of duality between "being" and representation).