Fred Atlan

Born in 1966 in Toulon.
Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from a Master 2 in Art and Aesthetics at the University of Paris 8.

My photographic field feeds on material gleaned from my daily life, which I revive. These remains (old breads, crumpled papers, bricks and wrappers) are found scrambled, chopped, stacked between them… And frozen by the photograph to form “precipitates” of matter, mood or travel.
These aggregates resemble the remains of an original world, and represent a fictional odyssey in the archaic. From the rock posed to the floating object, from the fall to the shelter, from day to night, these images are the symbols of a fragile and distressing mythology. Thus, these landscapes with brutal resonances question the exhaustion of our eyes, too accustomed to denying the obsolescence and the strangeness of things.