Fanny Gosse

Born in 1975 in Paris. Lives and works in Bagnolet. 
Studied at the Beaux-arts in Toulouse, graduated with a Masters in philosophy of art at the University of Paris I.

Echo is a series based on memory - or rather on the distortion, interpretation, even the invention of a memory. Initially, I use a vernacular photo that I enlarge. Photo retracing an event, characters, a place that I have known but which may also have simply been told to me. I start from this photographic base to "rework" the memory. To embellish or torture it, to deform it, to recreate an environment for it, so that it does not disappear, but leaves a different mark. A bit like the echo that comes from afar, crosses time but almost imperceptibly sounds different with each repetition. It is a question here of treating the non-objectivity of the transmission, therefore of the history of each one. 
I rework these photos in acrylic, which applied in successive layers allows transparency (so to make appear hidden things), pencil and ink.