Doriane Souilhol

Born in 1981 in Nîmes.
Lives and works in Marseille.
Graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris.

My research led me to study the beginnings of telecommunications and the first sound recordings of voices on discs. Some of them were made of glass, the sound then being "drawn" using a technique combining sound and light, which is similar to the photographic process. I thus propose a printing work on glass and on mirrors through pieces ultra sensitive to luminosity.
The title of this series, On the position of nodes in the blades which vibrate transversely, refers to the thesis of the physicist Jules Lissajous (1850), dedicated to acoustic vibrations by reflection of light signals on a mirror previously attached to the vibrating object. . I explore the evanescent and intangible materiality of wave, sound and light… And their possible back and forth, when sound is visible and light is heard.