Damien caccia

Born in 1989 in Les Lilas. Lives and works in Les Lilas.
Nantes Fine Arts graduate.

“Tears” is a series of miniature images taken with a cell phone between 2015 and 2019, transferred from photographic paper onto drops of dried glue. This thin film of glue thus resembles cameos, and acts as a lens, from an inverted perspective. The viewer comes as close as possible to the image in order to distinguish its content, and compensates for its weak definition by a greater concentration of the gaze. This commitment then transforms our perception which tears away from the continuous flow of images flooding our daily lives. Put in motion the contemporary gaze "dumbfounded", such is the meaning of this project whose title refers as much to the support (the drops of glue) as to the physiology of the eye which can both see and be moved. .