Clemens Gritl

Born in Straubing (Germany). Lives and works in Berlin


Clemens Gritl designs artificial 3D computer models inspired by 1960th century urban utopias. These cold black and white architectures, with brutalist concrete edges, are surrounded by an endless motorway network, and bathe in a dark atmosphere saturated with asphalt. They therefore refer to the revolutionary social visions of the XNUMXs, while painting a disturbing dystopian picture of their future. Their homogeneous structures, with repetitive shapes and gigantic dimensions, build cities that are at once aggressive, nightmarish… and fascinating. But what impact can they have on humanity and their inhabitants? Do they not above all denote a desire to organize society and space, to the point of oppressing them? Indeed, we can fear that such a city will see itself destined to develop an ultra-functional society ... Or, on the contrary, to tip our lives into a threatening and alienating social dysfunction.