Claudia larcher

Born in 1979 in Bregenz (Austria). Lives and works in Vienna.
Represented by the 22,48 m2 gallery (Paris).


Claudia Larcher is a visual artist specializing in video animation, collage, photography and installation. Series Urban Landscapes uses architectural magazines or periodicals, the pages of which are worked with a scalpel. The blocks of text are removed, and only elements of printed buildings remain. The different layers therefore form a relief: at the opening of each double page, a three-dimensional architectural landscape is revealed.

Video in-game advertising ornament is a crime, behind its squeaky title which reopens the debate on the usefulness or not of art in our everyday life, presents a scenario of this same type of work compiling different kinds of architectural visuals.

The series Man refers to the work of designer Mies Van der Rohe, former director of the Bauhaus, through photographic views of buildings, details of interior volumes, and façade grid structures, which are superimposed and intertwined thanks to a assembly game. These delicate fragments appear to have been removed from their context with the original scalpel in order to be repackaged. They tell the story of the modernist dream of an architecture made of efficiency, transparency and elegance.