Claire Jolin

Born in 1963 in Metz. Lives and works in Metz.
Studied art in Norway and then in France at the Beaux-Arts in Metz.

“Fensch” is a small steel valley in Lorraine, my region of birth where I still live and work today. It is the place that I chose to reflect on the mechanisms of construction of the collective imagination, these images that we forge and that we transmit to ourselves to face the world. To show this mechanism, I create devices that activate several modes of perception and encourage the viewer to experiment with their own mental construction. I explore the plasticity and two-dimensionality of images while keeping the simplicity of materials and shapes. I give flesh to images resulting from an immaterial thought, memory. The destabilized eye plunges into a photograph without beginning or end. The heavy sculpture recalls the telluric power of the steel industry.