Caroline Delieutraz

Born in 1982. Lives and works in Paris.
Represented by the gallery 22,48 m², Paris.

Caroline Delieutraz uses materials present in abundance in our information society: images and other data which, without qualms, circulate in the flow of global electronic networks. The origin of these data, their conditions of appearance in the public space - Internet included -, their exploitation, their successive transformations and reuse, their death and their rebirth are at the center of his work. On a daily basis, Caroline Delieutraz collects all kinds of materials available on the web, to manipulate them and occupy, in her own way, this volatile world in perpetual motion. If it perpetuates what could be compared to the erasure of the "original", a very relative notion in the world of copy-paste, it is not a question either of denying the origin of the data and the work done. by others. On the contrary, the direct provenance of the images is an integral, meaningful part of the work.

Raymond Depardon has traveled France for several years, since 2004, driving his van, stopping along the roads to make his shots in the camera. Nothing spectacular: signs, windows, roads, trees, buildings. One look, his, and the will to leave a trace of France closer to what it is today, everyday.

What significance does Depardon's work have today when there are millions of images of France's roads in Google's servers? Indeed, Google has since 2006 a plethora of images that only one photographer can ever achieve during his life. Depicting Depardon's journey in Google Street-View, and walking on his steps, is to parallel images taken in the room with screenshots, and put in perspective two types of images, two opposite intentions, two visions of the world. It is also not impossible that the van Depardon and the car of Google will one day crossed ...