Camille Leveque

Born in 1985 in Paris. Lives and works in Ivry-sur-Seine.
Graduated in literature and plastic arts at the University of Paris 8.

Orchestrating a discussion in two voices, Camille Lévêque and Lucie Khahoutian recount and unravel their relationship to Armenia and to memory. The first, French of Armenian origin, and the second, Armenian exiled in France, confront their history and the way in which time alters their memories, transforming their experiences into fictionalized stories, voluntarily leaving room for inaccuracies and rewritings.
In the form of a diptych, this conversation highlights the melancholy relationship of a community to its heritage, and the sometimes difficult exchanges between Armenians and their diaspora. This exchange confronts archive and contemporary media, and engages a back and forth between past, present and future, reality and fiction. The story told here follows the course of time, its impact on memory, and therefore, on truth. By delving into the story, inconsistencies appear, and reveal that we are not actually attending a discussion, but a monologue. Camille Lévêque is the sole mistress of the operation, attributing to her alias Lucie Khahoutian (actually her grandmother) a voice lighter than hers.
This internal dialogue, staged and developed in imaginary conversation between several generations of the same family, then fully illustrates the construction of a layered identity, and the desire for a new lexical field to tell the story of armenity.