Camille Benarab-Lopez

Born in 1989 in Paris.
Graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts, in Printed Image, and Beaux-Arts in Paris.

This series consists of images collected from my collection of photographic visuals. They come from various sources and have different statuses: photocopies in libraries, Internet searches, screenshots ... The figures which appear there are recurrent, and reused or combined in several forms: they are formal and semantic obsessions that haunt without my being able to overcome it. There are often doors, windows, halos, horizon lines.
By various recording and printing processes which take them out of their digital latency, these visuals are deposited on multiple media. As the images materialize, they become residues where only clues remain. Faced with the concern that their dissemination causes, I try to contain them and assemble them in a frame. The surfaces that host these image flows thus allow them to be frozen and, through a game of correspondence or dissonance, to establish relationships and dialogues within the corpora that occupy me. In a double movement of demonstration and concealment, it is about reaching the breaking point of the legibility of the image, in order to create a desire and a frustration of the gaze.