Brice Krummenacker

Born in 1978 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.

The image of a ghostly building came from a troubled imagination whose inhabitants vibrate more than they exist and force us to ask ourselves what they really are. In his series HolographyBrice Krummenacker captures the pixelated reflections of subjects whose aesthetics appeal to us but the characteristics escape us. Like the prisoners in Plato's cave, we only perceive obscure screen projections that we can only imagine. Through this series all in saturation and contrast, Brice Krummenacker wonders about our perception of the world.
Spending more and more time in front of screens showing us a reality ever more scripted and sensationalized or selling us more photoshoped perfection, are we still able to see the truth? Why these images? And above all, what do the puppeteers want? All images in this series are made by "holographic" projection.