Berenice Lefebvre

Born in 1987 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from Fine Arts in Rennes and from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris.
Represented by Galerie Eric Mouchet (Paris).

My artistic approach finds its impetus in walking. This act of crossing space evolves into a symbolic form of inhabiting the world, where the attitude of the body is that of an observer launched in a quest for unknown territories. It is on the outskirts of cities that this action takes place, in this interstice where the body is confronted with a multitude of surfaces, frames and physical or pictorial screens. I therefore generate a bank of images (photographic documents and digital graphic elements) which allow me to modulate and create hybridizations between image, sculpture and installation. The result is a diversity of interventions and possible combinations, which renew our gaze on a changing architectural landscape.
Experimentation in the workshop shows that photography, digital and screen printing, far from being purely mechanical processes or faithful reproductions of an element, accept chances that emerge in the compositions. These processes allow me to reconnect with a certain magic of the image, and the uniqueness of the work of art.