Benjamin Ottoz

Born in 1984 in Créteil. Lives and works in Sint Jans Molenbeek Brussels.
Graduated Fine Arts from Nantes in 2009.
Represented by The Gallery The Skin of the Bear, Brussels and DoubleV Gallery, Marseille.

In the first place, there is the paper, white plane, virgin of all possible. It is his folds, his undulations which, stretched out like a skin, stand before us. The sprayed, sprayed paint acts as a developer. Like a mist, with colored vapors, it infiltrates and spreads itself in relief to make a trace. By contact, by impregnation with the altered plane, it constitutes in fine particles a memory in the matter. In the folds and folds of matter, in the undulations of his wallpapers rise reminiscences, as echoes to other referents, to other points of view, other stories.