Beatriz Toledo

Born in 1979 in Sao Paulo.
Lives and works in Paris.
Graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Sao Paulo, Master Photography and Contemporary Art Paris VIII.

Taken in a supermarket of the geode in Brazil, the photograph at the origin ofIt's easier to scrape the mortar than to move a stone focuses on the way in which minerals are arranged on shelves methodically, by color to become "assimilated" goods that exhibit the stigma of their treatment. Indeed, to reveal the "precious" heart of the stone, it is necessary to incise the shape on the length. It is this mutilation that inscribes its value to the object. The play re-plays this dialectic from the outside to the inside, from revelation to absence, from the profane to the sacred. Raised on an anthropomorphic scale, these fragmented images are integrated into a sculptural device that involves a ritual, frontal dimension that gives these faceless figures an almost human characteristic.