Miguel Rothschild

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Berlin.
Represented by Galerie Bendana Pinel, Paris and Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin.

"Miguel Rothschild fuses the classic metaphor of the Flood, as a punishment for original sin, with the romantic view of an infinite expanse of water that reflects our emotions. (...) One of the methods established by the artist to expand his photographs in space is the use of the fishing line: stretched and multiplied, it can represent both the rays emitted by the Holy Spirit and a drizzle . Suspended in free bunch, the threads may suggest the loose hair of Mary Magdalene, but also a flow of tears springing from the image.

Dance Untitled. According to William Turner, a piece of fine cloth, on which is printed a photo of the sea, is suspended by a quantity of nylon threads of different lengths, transforming the image into a model of a rough ocean. "Text by Helen Adkins.