Antje Feger & Benjamin Stumpf

Born in 1977 in Lüneburg. Born in 1976 in Solingen (Germany). Live and work in Hamburg.


This installation consists of two parts: a print cut by a document shredder and a radio broadcasting a sound collage. The images come from the archives of the Ministry of National Security of the Democratic Republic of Germany, whose intelligence services used these visuals to train their agents to encrypt messages in a coded sign system.

The sound collage is made up of archives of shortwave radio stations, used to carry military messages and intelligence around the world. A transmitter hidden in the exhibition space, which functions as a mini radio station, sends the sound signal to all the VHF receivers in the vicinity.

Antje Feger and Benjamin Stumpf remind us of what surveillance and intelligence techniques were like during the Cold War, before the advent of digital technology.