Andrea Vamos

Born in 1981 in France.
Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from ENSBA in Paris.

The in situ installation “After works” consists of 36 prints 36x24cm on celluloid, hung by back suspension systems (feet and bars used in photo studio). These images come from ten kilometers of veiled virgin film, which I had displayed in the gardens of the Maison Cocteau during a residency, and on which nature has left its traces.
Like the photographer who, in his film laboratory, unrolls his films to dry them and discovers his images, I took up the verticality of this intimate gesture in my installation. This arrangement is also inspired by forests, and their trees stretched towards the sky. “After works” indeed invites the public to immerse themselves and circulate in this multitude of images, grouped by families, according to the shapes drawn by the alteration of time on the sensitive film.