Ana Bloom

Graduate in visual arts and photography.

Breaths, Breath project is a cry, an experience and a photographic attempt to make visible “the other side”. It is a journey taken on the past exiles of my family history and my contemporary artistic nomadism in order to question today's migrations. A photographic fight takes place here between the elements, air, water, fire, questioning our relationship to the earth, to culture, to the Cosmos.
I capture Breaths in cities near oceans and seas until now. I expose these Breath on arrival in a new destination where I return to artistic residency to capture other Breaths and so on. This road started in Marseille in France in 2015. Marseille was exhibited in Paris and then in Spain. Spain was exposed in India. The breaths captured in India were exposed in Tunisia. The continuation of the road will continue in 2019 on a historic destination in Havana. This work is done without digital retouching. Only a heavy chromatic work participates in the visual language.