Alban Gervais

Born in 1982 in Gruchet-Le-Valasse. Lives in Lilac, works in Paris.
Studies at ESADHAR and HEAR in graphic design.

The Display is a tribute to Alain Jessua's film "La Vie à l'Envers" (1964): Jacques, played by Charles Denner, takes his hat before leaving his apartment ... In this stealthy plan, the element of decoration on which the hat becomes an object of fantasy: to appropriate it within an exhibition. Re-designed and then realized as part of the exhibition "6 images that are needed" at the Aponia art center, it becomes the display on which "cards are freely arranged on a pier, as the calls of a shipwrecked waiting to be collected "*. As an element of decoration, his drawing is also reminiscent of the grid dear to the architect Auguste Peret, which he deployed in Le Havre, where Alban Gervais grew up.
* excerpted from Sébastien Dufay's text "Le Graphisme à l'envers" commissioned as part of the exhibition "6 images that are needed".
The shelves, two in number, are arranged in the center of a white boundary of 120 x 180 cm. A format echoing the street posters in the bus shelters, Alban Gervais draws the ghost. Depending on the exhibition space, this space can however adapt. On the shelves, in an entirely different arrangement, two sculptural piles of A4 images reveal their slices.