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20 nov - 06 dec

Opening the November 22 at 17h30

Shinya Masuda / Florian Schmitt

Shinya MASUDA Born in Nagoya (Japan) in 1965. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Graduated from Nagano Art and Design School in Visual Communication Design.
Represented by The Artling Gallery, Singapore.

Hanafudu Shouzoku, digital pigment titrations.

One day, I accidentally left a box of fruit and vegetables that my mother shipped to me from my hometown to rot. I hadn't even taken them out of their packaging. I then contemplated the vegetables at the bottom of their box, which had become their basket. Before they fall apart, I wanted to embalm these corrupt fruits to pay homage to them. I chose the Hanafuda as a motif of the last rites. Hanafuda, or "Flower Game" is a traditional Japanese card game. It consists of a pack of 48 cards, which are divided into 12 suites of 4 cards each. Each suite represents a month of the year and is illustrated with a flower or a plant of its own. In most suites, there are two cards: one on which the plant is depicted all by itself, and the other featuring a tanzaku, or a poem on a ribbon, in the middle of the flowers.


Florian SCHMITT Born in 1980. Lives and works in Paris.
Master in Photography and Contemporary Art at University 8 (2017), and Master in Art at the University of Siegen (2008-2013).
Pell-Blend - Durcheinander. The city, architecture, space and non-place | Composing, de-composing, dibond print framed.

In order to better understand my work, a quick description of the process is necessary: ​​there is an upstream image search (I take "photographic notes" on my laptop: I photograph buildings, light, model / pattern ). These notes are then sorted to build personal archives. After that, we must print and cut the photos, group and make the model, and rephotographier. This whole process is based on the interest of the city, perception, the medium of photography (frontality / flat, light, perspective), graphics, material, construction, DIY chance. When I start a job, I always have an idea / image that I would like to build. All this is never final. In working, chance and play play an important role. This balance between preparation and DIY allows me to build free arrangements. Even if the result looks like a photograph made in digital (with Photoshop or other software) the whole model that I make is built by hand. Only the shooting is done by a digital camera.



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